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Discover the Unique Benefits of Editing Your Photo with Our Products


  • Remove objects: Remove unwanted objects from photos, people from any picture for free. It’s extremely easy in just a few clicks with our creative editing AI tool
  • Remove background: Remove backgrounds automatically in 5 seconds with just one click. Fast, free, and no signup required.


  • Restore old photos: SnapEdit instantly restores your old photos with powerful, cutting-edge AI technology. Faded, degraded, and damaged pictures look as good as new. Better, in fact.
  • AI Art: Transform your photo into stunning AI art in seconds with SnapEdit’s free AI art generator. 
  • And so much more: Enhance photos, AI Sky, Text remover,…​


  • The fastest background eraser: Transform your photos with our background remover app!
  • More free editing options: Change your background color or replace it with an image of your own. Customizing your pictures with emojis or simply add text to your image.

SnapBG's Templates

  • You can save time and effort during the design process by using our templates
  • We provide expert and visually professional layouts that guarantee your images have a polished and unified appearance
  • Our templates can be a source of inspiration, igniting fresh concepts and guiding you as you consider various design options


Adjust passport photo background easily
Our AI automatically removes the original background, allowing you to apply a white background for official documents or customize it for aesthetic purposes.


Global document photo size standards
Our tool supports verified photo size requests for over 130 countries. From US visas to Australian passports and Indian driving licenses, we provide the exact dimensions needed.

SilverAI’s AI integration into application makes photo touch-ups a breeze.

Forget spending hours with complicated editing tools. With just a few taps, AI can handle complex edits that used to be time-consuming. No more waiting for edits to render – AI works its magic in seconds, letting you focus on sharing your photos.

And even if you’re a beginner, AI acts as your guide, suggesting smart adjustments while always keeping you in control for a perfect finish.


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Join the Future of Editing photos with AI

Making the best of your photos with our state-of-the-art platform, providing advanced AI editors but remain the simplicity for our users.  

Protect Your privacy

With advanced security measures in place, you can rest assured that your photos and your information are safe and protected.

Simplify Your Editing Steps

SilverAI’s products streamlines the process of editing your photos, making it easier and more efficient.

Save Time and Effort

Editing your photo with a few simple steps. No need to worry about the complexity of the AI tools of SilverAI.

To design with immediacy and relevancy at the speed of culture. To design the future. 

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